Чарівні Струни. Народний ансамбль бандуристок.
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About group

“The Charming Strings” is the name that the most vividly expresses creative work and awe-inspiring  character of the unique girls’ bandura ensemble from ancient Lviv.

This group has been representing the marvelous Ukrainian songs in Ukraine as well as abroad for more than 30 years. The ensemble took part in concerts and festivals in Poland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, France, Canada, the USA, Taiwan, Reunion, Maurice and Corsica and became the ambassador of Ukrainian culture in the world.

The ensemble repertoire includes four complete concert programmes, which consist of more than 60 compositions including Ukrainian folk song, modern songs, romances and foreign classical works. It also includes instrumental music and this is an innovating tendency in treating kobza music, made by the ensemble.

Folk ensemble “The Charming Strings” is the prize-laureate of many Ukrainian and international Festivals. It was awarded by many diplomas and prizes. Especially it is proud of the Honorable Diploma and the Medal of the Ukrainian Cabinet.

Music of their native land inflames the young hearts of the ensemble’s members.
“The Charming Strings” is directed by Iryna Sodomora, talented and industrious person who combines the work of a conductor and manager.

The beauty and melodiousness of the ensemble’s music charms everyone who has ever had an opportunity to hear this group singing.

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